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Speaker at CDK Day 2022 – The Local Cloud

26th May 2022

A conversation with local AWS Community Builders around how to achieve developer productivity in serverless architectures

Speaker at AWS Community Day DACH 2022

Johannes starting his talk
Johannes explaining architecture of FICOs platform

Speaker at re:Invent 2022 – COM307 Using CDK pipelines (in Java) to build a multi-platform Flutter application

Flutter as a trending cross platform development framework can accelerate the Go-to-market for Startups and Enterprises. For business success, a CI/CD pipeline is required to achieve fast lead times to production – for all platforms that you aim to support.  In this talk, we are presenting a possible CI/CD pipeline using CDK pipelines (on top of AWS CodePipeline and AWS CodeBuild) to build, test and release a Flutter application. The CDK infrastructure is written in Java.

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